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Axylyum Charter is the parent company of the growth enablement product, AXY Wrap®. One of the most innovative products to hit the mortgage-backed security market in over a decade,  AXY Wrap®, acts as a safeguard for retail and wholesale private lenders. In the event of default, Axylyum Charter will purchase the distressed asset at 100% of the origination price.


‘Wrapping’ a portfolio with AXY Wrap® accomplishes what was previously unheard of in the industry: it completely shifts the risk of default, allowing lenders to focus on what matters most — lending with complete confidence.

What We Offer

Liquidity Support

Keep Cash Flow

Credit Enhancement

FPD, EPD, and Seasoning Protection

Risk Transfer

Shift Default Exposure

Capital Deployment

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What we offer

Liquidity Support

When Axylyum keeps loans off your balance sheet, it enables Lenders to keep cash flow coming in.

Risk Transfer

AXY Wrap® shifts default exposure to Axylyum enabling Lenders to continue lending and even open credit boxes to originate more loans.

Credit Enhancement

Axylyum gives Lenders FDP & EPD protection as well as Seasoning Protection. This gives Aggregators peace of mind when portfolios are maturing.

Capital Deployment

Increase velocity of loan dollars through expanded lending guidelines, leverage ratios and market expansion.

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