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Market Expansion

Lend in additional states without hesitation when AXY Wrap™ secures the performance of your portfolio.

Increase Income

AXY Wrap™ allows middle markets to increase lending facilities by removing default risk.

Increase Liquidity

Axylyum allows the exercise of AXY Wrap™ in as little as 30 days of default.

Vast Network

With over 100 years of experience in the industry, we have a vast network that supports our success.

No Cost To Lender

AXY Wrap™ is fully paid for by borrowers at closing.

Keep Relationships

When a Lender starts foreclosure, borrowers may not come back. When default is transferred, the relationship is saved! That is a net gain of 3-4 borrowers per year.

No Default Exposure

When a loan defaults - line liquidity is protected saving lenders timely and costly foreclosure processes.

Focus On Lending

AXY Wrap™ allows our Lenders to focus on lending, not defaults.

Capital Deployment

Increase velocity of loan dollars through expanded lending guidelines, leverage ratios and market expansion.




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What We Offer

Liquidity Support

Credit Enhancement

Risk Transfer

Capital Deployment

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