Bryce Malone

Chief Operating Officer

Bryce Malone is the Chief Operating Officer for Axylyum Charter. Well known throughout the private lending space, Bryce’s experience includes over 25 years in the mortgage and financial services industries. Previously, he held the title of Vice President of Operations for First Residential Mortgage, dba Surepoint Lending, where he led a staff of nearly 200 mortgage professionals. From there, he made the transition from broker to banker, producing an average of $168MM monthly. At Surepoint Lending, Bryce oversaw all operations with a focus on investor and warehouse relations, secondary markets, impaired assets, and legal and compliance. In further developing impaired assets monetization, Bryce became a managing partner of Right House Capital, a leading default asset liquidity company, where he later sold his stock options.

Bryce’s dedicated approach defines organizational success, not only in margin maximization, but on the overall focus on efficiency of processes and market adaption.

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