Jane Petroff

Chief Credit Officer

As Chief Credit Officer, Jane Petroff is responsible for the deployment of capital optioned by our AXY Wrap™ partners. Prior to joining Axylyum Charter, Jane held executive positions at J.P. Morgan Chase and New York Commercial Bank where she oversaw business lending and the implementation of consumer and commercial real estate products. 


At Axylyum Charter, Jane’s responsibilities include the development of procedures and guidelines for all AXY Wrap™ products, approval and due diligence reviews of AXY Wrap™ applications, portfolio monitoring for all current optioned contracts, and coordinates with Axylyum’s brokers with credit providers. 


Jane’s experience working with financial institutions coupled with her extensive knowledge of state and federal financial regulations enables Axylyum Charter to offer strong underwriting positions on AXY Wrap™ optioned portfolios. 


Jane holds a Juris Doctor degree and resides in Brooklyn, New York with her husband and three children. 

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