Parent Company of AXY Wrap™ To Attend
The National Lending Experts 'Leverage' San Diego Conference

NEW YORK, NEW YORK (September 23, 2021) – CRE financial firm, Axylyum Charter,  announced today that they will be attending the National Lending Experts Leverage San Diego conference on September 27-28, 2021. The annual conference brings together the nation’s top brokers, lenders, investors, capital providers, service experts and technology innovators for two days of networking, collaboration, and education. 

“We are looking forward to attending such an important and successful conference. The events that are produced by the National Lending Association are some of the best in the industry. It is sure to be a momentous few days,” said Bryce Malone, managing director at Axylyum Charter. 

Axylyum Charter is a market creator and leader in providing portfolio-wide secure engagement options to retail and wholesale lenders that allow for an immediate repurchase of lenders’ defaulted loans. Through their exclusive product, AXY Wrap™, Axylyum Charter offers a secure guarantee on the performance of asset-based, non-owner-occupied loans through portfolio-wide engagement pricing. This innovative products helps eliminate multiple layers of risk-specifically, risk of borrower default. 

“AXY Wrap™ is a product that every lender needs. The volatility of the current market has sparked concern that we might be heading for a repeat of 2008. AXY Wrap™ provides the necessary security to remove risk from lending portfolio,” said Serge Petroff, partner and CEO of Axylyum Charter. 

If you are attending the NLE Leverage San Diego conference and would like to learn more about AXY Wrap™, please contact Bryce Malone at bmalone@axylyum.com

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